Architectural Form and Structural Arrangement



The principles “form follows function” and “less is more” have had led and still lead to successful architectural designs. On the other hand, “form” and “less” are parameters related also with the structural design and as such are engineer’s special concern as well. From the view point of engineering, optimal design depends mainly on the choice of the most appropriate structural arrangement and material besides the method of construction. Recently, some architects leave the meanwhile traditional architectural principles mentioned above in order to be different and to create an exceptional architecture of their own. The outcome of such endeavors cannot be even an architectural movement because each architect and his style are individual and remain as such. In contrary to such an architectural attitude disregarding the design rules, the design principles of the structural engineer are rationalism and optimization which are obligatory. Therefore, they can not and should not be abandoned. The discrepancy between these two completely different standpoints of the exception alist architect and of the rationalist structural engineer may in some cases make their fruitful cooperation diffcult so that the outcome being not optimal and far from rational. This means, the cooperation between the architect and the struc tural engineer from the very beginning is a must