Living With Comfort in Urban Areas (Case study in the City of Kashan)


This paper presents the results of outdoor thermal comfort feld surveys in city of Kashan, located in hot climatic zone of Iran. Some 295 data sets by subjects in outdoor condition were collected successfully. The results showed a good
relationship between neutral temperature and temperature which subjects were exposed to it and also between outdoor temperature and air-velocity and comfort temperature. The study has identifed several thermal comfort adaptive actions that a person might take to achieve comfort in outdoor condition. The fndings of the study revealed that the Iranian people, who are living in hot-dry part of country could achieve comfort at higher outdoor temperatures compared with there commendations by some standards, like Iranian standard for outdoor working or living. They fnd ways in which to make themselves comfortable in the conditions they normally experienced. It seems, different culture or different climatic zones does not any negative effects in such actions. The paper concludes with this fact that the adaptive model is valid rather than Fanger’s equations